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Two truths when it comes to PR for games:

1. It’s chuffing expensive (which it needn’t be).
2. You (the creator) should be in complete control of what’s happening.

Spending thousands to put your brilliant game through a PR filter (and putting your lovely self at arms length from the people who want to talk about your game) just isn’t how things fly 2014. You’re a star, y’know. Often your story is just as interesting as the game itself.

Going it on your own can be tough though, and we can help.

If it’s your first game, or you’ve just plain ignored the PR and marketing side of things up until now, we can put you on the right track.

SnickerSnack can do:

  • PR roadmaps and detailed campaign structuring — we’ll work out an effective plan based on your development milestones and furnish you with a plan that works to specific beats to ensure you get the most exposure and engagement possible.
  • Press Releases — that old chestnut. We can write ‘em (with character!) and send ‘em to the right people.
  • Social media stuffs — anybody can set up a Twitter account. We’ll help you use social platforms effectively.
  • Community Management – we can help build a community around your game and make sure they’re happy.
  • Asset production — you’re the content creators, obviosuly, but finding the time for marketing assets is always tough. We can help with trailers and other video content.
  • Event Organisation — want to demo that game of your yours at games conventions and expos? We’ve got inroads.
  • Crowdfunding – we’ve launched successful Kickstarters and can absolutely help with yours.

We know you’re indie. We know you keep your purse-strings tight. We’ve been there, in fact – so we know your pockets aren’t lined with gold. That doesn’t matter. We’re keen to help you whatever your budget. You can set up a retainer for as long as you like, and there’s always wiggle room on how far you can make your money stretch.

Lots of agencies don’t outline their costs, which makes it hard to decide what you can afford and what you can’t. Our retainers start at £160 p/ month, but let’s chat — it’s easier to match a price to a specification (and thus the amount of time/work involved).

To find out how we can help your game, sling an email to jamin[at]snickersnack[dot]co[dot]uk to discuss options.

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