Three Monkeys – An Audio Adventure From Incus Games

Three Monkeys is an audio game from Birmingham-based Incus Games. Set in the fictional world of Byzantia, the game follows a blind protagonist and his seeing-eye Sprite, Yoska, as they journey through a dark world to break a curse which has stolen the sun from the sky.

SnickerSnack helped Incus Games thorugh the process of announcing their game, securing coverage on Eurogamer, VideoGamer and Rock Paper Shotgun, amongst others. Helping the studio get their game to EuroGamer expo, SnickerSnack facilitated Incus as they demoed the game for the first time at the show, where it caught the attention of media.

Three Monkeys Press Clippings:



Eurogamer news piece

Kotaku Feature

Beefjack Feature

GamesTM Feature

You can check out the trailer for the game below;


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